Force India VJM10 Launched!

Force India became the third team to reveal their 2017 challenger today, the VJM10. 2017 marks the tenth year in Formula One for the Silverstone underdogs.

Remove the orange and green accents and many would believe that this is a McLaren

The team has moved away from green and orange as primary colors on the livery in recent years as their style has become much more conservative. See the VJM04 from 2011 for contrast:

Force India used to have a more eye-catching style

Even last year’s VJM09 was more visually exciting:

Last year’s car manages to look less bland than the 2017 version

The VJM10 is a blast to the past with a 2010 style shark fin, a 2012 stepped nose and 2014 style male genitalia nose tip all in one! Unfortunately, many would argue that each of these were terrible developments for F1 aesthetically:

Motor Racing - Sahara Force India F1 VJM10 Launch - Silverstone, England
The ugliest F1 car since the Caterham CT05? I think so

Here is the CT05 for reference:

Ugly as sin

Clearly the VJM10 isn’t as bad as Caterham’s “innovative solution” to the 2014 regulations, but it is nowhere near the beauty of the Sauber and Renault cars.

Check out the view from the front of the car:

Motor Racing - Sahara Force India F1 VJM10 Launch - Silverstone, England
Johnnie Walker on the rear wing, are we sure this isn’t a McLaren?

Hopefully this car is fast, because it isn’t beautiful. Which is a shame, as Force India are aiming for third place in the constructors’ championship this year. They deserve to aim for this goal in style!

Let me know what you think of the VJM10 in the comments. Is it a beauty and I don’t see it? Or do you agree?


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