Sauber C36 & Renault R.S. 17 Launched!

Sauber launched their 2017 challenger, the C36, on Monday to great acclaim from the Formula One community. It was the first taste of what the cars would look like under the new regulations:

Note the return of the shark fin!

The car has a logo to celebrate Sauber’s 25 years of racing in Formula One.

This year’s rear wing is much lower, harking back to pre-2009 cars.

This year’s front wings sweep back towards the front tires.

The car’s wheelbase is 20 cm wider than last year’s, a width Formula One hasn’t had since 1997.

The livery evokes memories of the Rothmans Williams cars and late 90’s Ligiers.

The front wing appears to be a combination of bare carbon fiber, gold wing elements and blue on the sides. Beautiful to my eyes!

The C36 is a stark contrast to last year’s C35, which had a lighter shade of blue and bright yellow as the primary colors:

Darker times for Sauber.

Not to be outdone, Renault launched their R.S. 17 one day later:

Another shark fin, and an aggressive rake like Red Bull ran last year.

Renault has formed a strong partnership with Castrol, featuring their logo on both front and rear wing endplates, and on the side of the engine cover.

The wider wheelbase will allow the car’s floor to produce much more downforce this season.

Note that the rear wing mounts aren’t straight – they bend outward towards the edges of the wing.

Aggressive camber angle on the front tires.

This year’s cars will have much larger air intakes above the drivers’ heads to make up for smaller sidepods.

Next up is the Force India launch coming up later today.


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