McLaren MCL32 Launched!

After years of speculation and an offseason full of teasing from team Woking, McLaren has finally returned to orange. The team undergone a lot of change this offseason. Ron Dennis is out along with the MP4 name. The MCL32 ushers in a new era for Honda powered McLaren:

F1 in 2017 looks ferocious compared to previous years

The lowered rear wing, longer wheelbase, steep rake angle and shark fin are what F1 in 2017 is all about. Compare to last year’s car:

Last year’s MP4-31 at launch – the higher rear wing and drab color scheme made the 2016 challenger look cute in comparison to this year’s cars

The last time we saw orange on a McLaren was over a decade ago:

McLaren last tested with an orange livery in 2006

But that livery was only a temporary nod to the past:

The last McLaren to feature orange on a race livery was 1971’s M19A, raced here by Peter Gethin at the Nürburgring

Back to 2017, here is a frontal view:

The airbox appears to be much smaller than the other cars launched so far

The stub nose hasn’t gone anywhere on the MCL32 but is tastefully painted and filled with the Honda logo.

The front wing is quite elegant for a launch configuration

I think that in 2017 we will see a development race throughout the season not seen in years. It will be fascinating come the end of the season to compare these launch spec cars to what they eventually will evolve into.

Ferrari have also launched their new car, the SF70H. An article is forthcoming.


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