Mercedes W08 EQ Power+ Launched!

Reigning world champions Mercedes launched their 2017 car, the W08 EQ Power+, today at Silverstone:

Lewis Hamilton with the W08, the first 2017 car without a shark fin

The car features a Monza-style curved rear wing.

The best looking 2017 car yet? Let me know in the comments

The W08 EQ Power+ (that’s a mouthful!) appears to be an evolution of the W07.

Nico Rosberg driving the W07

Characteristics such as the wide oval air box and the nose seem to have carried over from the 2016 season.

The electric blue paint on the front wing sweeps back to the sidepods to give a visual representation of the air flow according to Mercedes

Look at how small the sidepods have gotten as the priority for power unit air flow has headed towards the air box:

Looking mean and ready to destroy the competition

Mercedes looks to mount a strong challenge to win their fourth consecutive drivers’ and constructors’ championship. With a strong driver pairing in Hamilton and former Williams driver Valtteri Bottas they should be in good shape when the F1 circus heads to Melbourne.


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