Ferrari SF70H Launched!

The Scuderia have changed up their name again, going from SF16-H to SF70H. The 70 is to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the first car badged as a Ferrari, the 125 S. Let’s have a look at what Ferrari have created:

Ferrari has placed an Alfa Romeo logo right under the shark fin

The SF70H appears to be an evolution of the SF16-H in terms of livery. The white elements that appeared last year have been expanded upon.

The nose shape and tip are similar to last year’s car

Here is last year’s car for comparison:

Sebastian Vettel driving the SF16-H at the Malaysian Grand Prix

The rear wing endplates are now white instead of red. The engine cover has reverted to red but the shark fin now matches last year’s engine cover and air box by being primarily white with the colors of the Italian flag in stripes. The front of the bargeboard remains white as well.

The floor on 2017 cars is massive

The rear of the car looks tightly packaged, which is why we can see so much of the floor. With this year’s cars increased cooling needs due to drivers being at full throttle longer per lap, will reliability be compromised?

Winglets obscure the view into the sidepods

Ferrari have been unusually quiet this offseason about their chances of making a championship run. In previous years they have become a bit of a running joke with “next year is the year” talk. Will Ferrari finally become serious competition to Mercedes and Red Bull? For the sake of the show I hope so!

Kimi Raikkonen driving the SF70H at Fiorano

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