2017 Cars Ranked

I have ranked the ten cars contesting the 2017 F1 championship from worst to best below. The rankings take only livery and car shape into account, and are purely for fun. Drop your top ten in the comments or tweet me @kevinbossonf1.

10. Force India VJM10


This car is an aesthetic dumpster fire. It has a plain, squared off shark fin (I don’t mind a shark fin when the back end is rounded) which looks as if it was added in a panic after Sauber & Renault launched with theirs! Moving forward we have a massive bump on the nose (which serves a purpose of course) and a 2014 style finger nose. Force India have also moved away from the colors they became famous for and are now primarily a drab gray. While I’m not a fan of the car’s appearance, I wish the team all the best – they do a phenomenal job every year making their budget go further than other teams.

9. Williams FW40



The plain Jane of the class of 2017. This car has the same appearance that Williams’ have since 2014. The major addition is the squared off shark fin. Disappointing car, Martini liveries can be so much more!

8. Haas VF-17



The Haas VF-17 isn’t a bad looking car by any stretch of the imagination. It is just a plain looking car with splashes of red tastefully added in. They do get points for the imaginative paint job on the shark fin though. That particular part of the car is a piece of art in my opinion!

7. Mercedes W08



Despite the Mercedes’ low ranking on this list, I really enjoy the appearance of the car. It takes previous Mercedes standards and adds pleasant evolution with electric blue paint coming off the front wing along the sides of the car to demonstrate air flow. The nose of the car is a classy take on the 2017 regulations.

6. Scuderia Ferrari SF70H



Standard fare from Ferrari this year. The car would probably look better with a Mercedes or Toro Rosso style nose. Also the black paint along the bottom of the sides of the car is getting long in the tooth to my eyes. On the positive end, the shark fin is tastefully painted with the colors of the Italian flag.

5. Red Bull RB13


Red Bull came out with a beautiful matte finish on their car last year, and this year’s appears to repeat that success. The yellow on the nose and airbox area looks great. The bull looks nice as always.

4. Sauber C36



A mega improvement from Sauber now that Banco do Brasil is gone. The gold elements give the car a regal appearance which pairs with the tone of blue very well. Points subtracted for having too much white on the side of the car and the unpainted shark fin. Overall a classy looking car!

3. McLaren MCL32



McLaren’s return to orange has divided the Formula One community. I personally love it. The car looks incredible from the side with the black and white dancing around the orange paint. I’m not sure about the number font on the nose. The front wing is pure art.

2. Renault R.S. 17



Renault have launched a gorgeous car. I love the yellow front half and black and yellow back half. The shark fin looks aggressive with the shaping and yellow striping tapering off at the back. The frontal view is that of a proper F1 car. The rear wing looks incredible from there!

1. Scuderia Toro Rosso STR12



Hands down the best looking car on the 2017 grid. The chromed out bright colors look phenomenal. The shark fin is almost as nice aesthetically as the Renault. The nose is an elegant solution to the regulations. This car has it all.


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