Haas VF-17 Launched!

Last year’s debutants, Haas F1 team, launched their 2017 challenger from Barcelona earlier today:

Haas have deemphasized the white this year in favor of a dark gray

The shark fin is a work of art!

Haas have changed some of their red elements this year. The nose has much more of it going up to the cockpit. The rear wing endplates, however, are now a mixture of red and black. Last year’s VF-16 for comparison:

The VF-16 driven by Romain Grosjean at Malaysia during Free Practice

The “HAAS” script on the nose of the car has been replaced by the team’s logo, which really pops on the black background:

The rear of the floor has four “S” shaped cutouts on each side

This car is devoid of sponsorship deliberately because team owner Gene Haas wishes to promote his CNC machines. The only non-Haas branding is the Pirelli logo:

The car has a bit of a plain yet classy appearance from the front

The VF-17 is a bit understated, which can be interpreted as symbolic of how a team’s second season should be. They made a splash in Melbourne but had a quiet¬†maiden season for the most part. Haas will surely¬†be aiming to improve upon their debut while working towards success in future seasons. They have a strong driver pairing to do so.


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