The Barcelona Test: Day Four Recap

Thursday marked the fourth and final day of the first Barcelona test. It was the first day of wet running for teams:

Trucks dumped water all of the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya to give the teams some wet running

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The Barcelona Test: Day Three Recap

Today was the third and final day of dry running at the first test of the year. It was an action packed day. Click or tap the team you want to navigate directly to: Continue reading “The Barcelona Test: Day Three Recap”

The Barcelona Test: Day Two Recap

Day two of testing is now in the books. Here is a team-by-team review of the day’s action. Click or tap the team you want to navigate directly to: Continue reading “The Barcelona Test: Day Two Recap”

The Barcelona Test: Day One Recap

Preseason testing began at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya this morning, marking an end to the winter break. Formula One fans rejoiced as they had their first opportunity to see the 2017 cars on track. While lap times cannot be taken at face value alone, we can take some insight from today’s running. Here is a team-by-team evaluation: Continue reading “The Barcelona Test: Day One Recap”

2017 Cars Ranked

I have ranked the ten cars contesting the 2017 F1 championship from worst to best below. The rankings take only livery and car shape into account, and are purely for fun. Drop your top ten in the comments or tweet me @kevinbossonf1.

10. Force India VJM10


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Force India Explain Their Aesthetics

Force India’s Technical Director Andy Green has explained the VJM10’s unusual appearance to reporters Glenn Freeman and Jonathan Noble:

“We have tried to exploit an area of the front suspension regulations that improved the characteristics of it from a mechanical perspective.”

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