2017 Cars Ranked

I have ranked the ten cars contesting the 2017 F1 championship from worst to best below. The rankings take only livery and car shape into account, and are purely for fun. Drop your top ten in the comments or tweet me @kevinbossonf1.

10. Force India VJM10


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Red Bull RB13 Launched!

Red Bull Racing launched their RB13 online today via a video on Twitter. Here is a screen grab showing their 2017 challenger:

The airbox is a rounded triangle as compared to the RB12’s circular one (see below)

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Scuderia Toro Rosso STR12 Launched!

Scuderia Toro Rosso have changed their image this year. Gone is the dark blue livery with the hand painted bull, replaced by a vibrant blue and red scheme that is sure to stand out on the grid:

STR have delivered a striking livery for 2017

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Williams FW40 Launched!

Williams released their FW40 on Saturday online. They had presented computer renderings on the 17th, and the final product ended up pretty similar to those. The car appears to be an evolution of the 2014-16 cars updated to this year’s regulations:

The FW40 looks like last year’s FW38 with a shark fin and JCB sponsorship

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McLaren MCL32 Launched!

After years of speculation and an offseason full of teasing from team Woking, McLaren has finally returned to orange. The team undergone a lot of change this offseason. Ron Dennis is out along with the MP4 name. The MCL32 ushers in a new era for Honda powered McLaren:

F1 in 2017 looks ferocious compared to previous years

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Ferrari SF70H Launched!

The Scuderia have changed up their name again, going from SF16-H to SF70H. The 70 is to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the first car badged as a Ferrari, the 125 S. Let’s have a look at what Ferrari have created:

Ferrari has placed an Alfa Romeo logo right under the shark fin

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